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Don  Eastburn  offers  Commercial  Photography  &  Video  Production...




Specialties include corporate headshot photography – in studio or on location with full lighting

packages, commercial photography, medical photography,

event photography and more.  




Video Productions include the production of high-quality corporate and

online videos, professional training and informational programs and TV commercials. 

Our clients range from hospitals, medical providers  and manufacturers

to marketing & communications professionals.     


 Experience   |  Reliability  |  Creativity



Meet Don Eastburn

I discovered early on my calling as a professional photographer.  I studied fine art photography in college and after graduation, I found it was really a difficult way to make a living, so, I set up shop as a Commercial Photographer. I started my career shooting large and medium format film cameras and for video – 3/4” tape;  that was a few years ago.

Fast Forward…  now of course, I use the unique problem-solving abilities

of digital technology, all to the benefit of my clients.  

My working process is quite "Visual Spatial" – using pictures rather than words.


When photographing headshots – I enjoy the interaction with the person

I'm photographing… quite simply, the challenge is to activate their

personality and bring it to life in their photo.


When photographing inanimate objects such as buildings, machines

or products the challenge is to introduce energy into the

images using a mix of composition and light.


When shooting and producing videos, I bring to life the script

or subject on-camera by using the space of the subject along

with composition, light, sound, and directing movement

needed to blend all the visual elements

into a successful final project.

In each project I take on, small or large, I find the communication and vision of the client is priority number one.  My job is to listen first, then partner with the client to achieve a working outline of the project, and finally – meet their goals, expectations, budgets and deliver on-time a quality product.

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